Well, where to start.

There used to be a website here. Run by a girl with MS and her husband.

All of that is gone now.

The website was moved to another host, and eventually the name was picked up by someone else who just wanted to make money by getting the name back. The site itself vanished from lack of work or money, not being renewed at the site.

The girl isn't the same girl, at least if you ask her husband. She's mostly-immobile by choice, sitting and watching the same MASH and Price is Right shows all day, somewhat paranoid, believing the people who were her friends aren't - until that became true, having driven them away from her. She complains how her mother treats her like a child and doesn't care about her, yet turns on those who would help.

And her husband is now her ex husband. And even though he tried being a friend, eventually she pushed him away from even that. He no longer wants to speak to, or of, her, having been hurt one time too many and feeling very used and betrayed.

He's grown to doubt a lot of what was said, because he can no longer believe so much of what was told to him. A second miscarriage, though she never told him she was pregnant - and never reacted like she did to the first one. He even doubts that the first one, or the first pregnancy, was real any more. Being led on time and time again. Having memories and "promises" brought up out of whole cloth. Wondering if she ever really did love him, or just wanted a wallet, if he was just dragged along until he was of no further use.

So much has fallen apart.